Jun 14, 2006


We humans are the most contradictory of all creations.

Every other creature on earth bar none obeys without question the laws ordained by their Maker upon them.

Water was created to nourish life and therefor it flows into the earth bringing life to plants, animals and humans alike.
Birds are given wings and so they fly through the vastness of the sky.
Fish are bestowed with gills and so they swim the wide seas holding secrets only God knows of.
The sun was created to give light and so it rises day after day calling us rise with it and make good the hours given to us.
The moon is called upon to guide us through the dark hours and it does so without question or doubt.

Every other creature on earth bar none obeys without question the laws ordained by their Maker upon them.

We humans are created to govern the earth as God has ordained upon us but we choose to create our own laws of chaos and disorder.
We humans are created to worship the one and only God and yet we put our utmost dependency on the most material of things.
We humans are the given a teacher, a book and a promise in the hereafter but chose to follow the godless laws of syaitan under the guise of ignorance.
We humans are given the clear choice of heaven or hell and we choose hell for a bit of merriment which will not last.
We humans are told to do good and turn away from evil and yet we set out to do the exact opposite.
We humans are given one chance after another to return to the straight path and yet we choose to go astray until it is too late to turn anywhere at all.

We humans know in our hearts that all this is true and yet we choose to ignore it.

We humans really are the most contradictory of all creations.

al-Mu'minun : 71 "And if the truth had been according to their desires, verily the heavens and the earth and everything therein shall be destroyed!! Nay, We have brought them their reminder, but they turned away from their reminder."

Wallahu'alam bis sawaab....


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