Oct 1, 2007

Eid Mubarak

I saw the Lake House. Profound. That's it, I'm giving up reading reviews.

The two 'gembala kerbau' chirped at my window at precisely 7.30am today. They usually save me from oversleeping but today I turned around and gave them a grin thinking, "Ha!I beat you guys today!"

I'm rereading Beloved and I'm still spellbound by the language. Guess I found my in-flight literature. That, the load of mp3s and in-flight movies should keep me occupied for the next 24 hours in the air. I hope.

I was tempted to get something new for raya. Of course, I changed my mind the moment I saw the throngs of people flooding the Kompleks PKNS hungry for baju raya, kuih raya, everything-raya. Imagine squeezing between clothing racks standing shoulder-to-shoulder and sales girls and other customers trying to pass through dragging hoards of meandering offsprings. How anyone is expected to make wise purchasing decisions is wonder to me. I hate raya shopping. Happens every year.

The last time I spoke to Hakim on the phone his voice sounded different. I hope he hasn't made the transition into manhood yet. I'd like to enjoy my little Kimi for a bit more before that happens.

I'm praying to God (seriously, not literally, not metaphorically) that all my luggage go through customes smoothly. The way my mom ordered food from home made it seem like they were starving over there in Toronto. Turns out they really are Baba's and Alagappa-dependant after all.

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Eid Mubarak to all (yes, yes, all two of you reading this). And to further reinstate an overused but still meaningful phrase, I have to say....Maaf zahir dan batin. :D


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