Jul 3, 2009

MJ passes on

When news of the king of pop's demise reached me, I was initially amused. My first thought was, 'Is this another hoax?' Of all the bizarre and oftentimes ridiculous pieces of news that surface, this is not much different. After the news was confirmed and recapped more times than I care to mention within the hour, I began to feel sad. Not so much for his death, but
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more for the tragic life that he has had in the public eye. From dangling his baby from a hotel balcony to his ranch being repossessed by banks, every bit of detail about his life seems to slide on a scale of peculiarity. And the media (and the public) never fails to lash on to story and bleed them for what they're worth. When news program after news program featured his demise as their headline as a 'tribute', all I saw was a damaged life that began with so much promise and potential. I felt sad - not for his death but for the life that he'd had to endure in the public eye.

Until I sat down on the pink runway in a clothing warehouse cum model agency downtown on Canada Day. My friend who is a seasoned bargain hunter was busy bargain hunting while another friend and myself spent the time trying to puzzle out the rational behind the irrationally pink runway that ran down the middle of the warehouse. The store's proprietor blasted loud MJ hits in conjunction (I'm assuming) with the singer's departure from this world. When 'Heal the World' came on the loudspeakers it hit me as to why I should feel sad about the singer's death. I was never into the MJ mania although I was a fan of his ingenuity and creativity. Listeing to 'Heal the World' reminded me (naturally) of 'Black or White', 'What About Us' and the likes. Those songs were more than just entertaining. They carried a universal message about love and peace that were reminiscent of the 60's cultural movement and have been somewhat neglected in virtually every musical genre except maybe in gospel music. And to boot, virtually every one of his singles became worldwide hits and unwittingly dispersed their message into the subconscious of millions around the world.

It was at that point that I thought, 'Yup, his death is a loss to us all.'


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