Nov 6, 2006

Identity theft

Identity Theft

It started innocently enough. A pm from an anonymous id claiming to be a long-time friend. I thought it was too, until I saw his picture and realized this was no one I've ever met and stopped replying to the repeated pms asking to be friends. By then it was too late. He'd already gotten hold of my password and started taking extensive liberties with my yahoo id. Immagine the nerves on that guy.

Explaining what he set out to do next would take up too much of my precious time, as this is one mental case that's gone far beyond repair with not a shred of hope for recovery. As the process of remedying this dire situation has taken up more than a day while I'm still trying to finish my research paper with time that is getting more and more limited with each letter I type in this here blog, I am not keen on letting that go on for much longer.

Suffice it to say that from this day forth I will forever be suspicious of anonymous pms starting a conversation that seems to have dropped off somewhere and therefor does not warrant any introduction as to why the window pops up with 'aduh, lama betul tak online. Ingat nak suruh comment pasal my pics kat sabah...' Boy did I fall for that one.

And I will forever, from this day forth, get a mini-heart attact everytime the internet acts up and I get signed out of ym for no apparent reason, as that is how this whole caboozle of an identity theft came to my attention.

This humble blog of mine doesn't receive too many visitors, I admit, but I'm still so overwhelmed by the notion of someone taking liberties with my id, at my expanse nonetheless, that I'm inclined to post yet another tell-all of this tale so that the odd acquaintance who happens to stumble upon this page might know that as of 4.30pm on November 5th 2006, the id 'sage_blossom' no longer belongs to yours truly but to some sanity-deprived individual who has thus far displayed a comforting level of unintelligence. I have reason to believe that this individual has access to my email as well, therefor please disregard anything and everything coming from the email add If in doubt, simply converse with him in English and you'll find him stuttering and painfully making excuses without actually giving a response. No offense to non-english speakers, this is just an obvious trait I noticed within the short time I communicated with him. Oh and by the way, he is IT savvy to a frightening degree, at least for an internet-for-dummies reader like myself.

This is to caution you on what this internet predator (getting too emotional? I think NOT!!) might stoop to, so please be careful. And if all else fails to instill at least a morsel of fear/caution in you, think of this...IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!!

I'm inclined to state his yahoo id here so anyone with enough guts might venture in my shoes for a while and see what that does to your cyber exitence, but then again, I'm not going to be responsible for this guy's success in securing his next victim for whatever purpose.
With that said, I'm going back to my unwavering pile of assignments.

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