Mar 13, 2007


so i've been tagged

(thanx to kak ayien for forcing me to activate my blog, if only for another hurried entry.)

six weird things about myself. hmm...i do personally consider myself to be a certified freak. Although i may appear to be completely normal most of the time, inwardly I am constantly battling to keep that balance. I picked up a mantra from the movie 'Girl, Interrupted'. Wynona Ryder was in a cab heading away from the mental facility in which she'd been 'imprisoned' for a period of time. She came out of it not completely recovered (otherwise it'd be cliched) but thoroughly optimistic, for herself and the rest of her fellow 'inmates'. Her rationale of the whole experience was that 'crazy is you, magnified'. I fully beleive that. It's estimated that if we were to translate an average person's brain into writing, it wouldn't even fit into the entire Library of Congress. If we ever manage to achieve that, I think everyone on the planet would come off as a at least a bit off kelter.

That said, let's get back to the six. It's a tight squeeze for me but i'll give it a try all the same....

1. I think there's a force maintaining a perfect balance in my body. If I got a zit on my right cheek, another one will appear shortly on my left cheek. Don't even get me started on butt-cramps....

2. I get charged up with static electricity quite easily (please don't ask me how or why) I often get static shocks from touching railings in busses, stainless doors (or anything made of stainless steel, for that matter) and especially (I hate this one the most) car doors during hot weather.

3. I love giving myself a decent scare once in a while. Makes me aware that i'm still alive. Anyone who's been to UTM Skudai would know the stretch of road between the campus's main gates and just before you reach the traffic light at Taman U. There aren't any street lights on that stretch of road. I used to turn off my headlights as I was driving back from the studio during all hours of the night regardless of whether I was alone or not. My friends think it's psychotic of me. I think so too but the thrill is unbeatable!!!

4. The way my teeth are configured is exactly the same as my sister's.

5. I used to scare myself when I couldn't sleep at night. It usually works because then I'd be too scared to even open my eyes. Makes sense, right? I still do it sometimes. Nowadays I'm so tired there's no need for that.

6. Something or someone who is highly favoured by a majority of people instantly puts me off. For example, Siti Nurhaliza, David Beckham, the colour pink and stuffed toys.

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